How to Fix a Poor Performer

ppcoverPoor performers are the scourge of our organization.  One of the key reasons is a lack of effective communication around their performance.

Communication is the life blood of organizational health. It’s the catalyst of strong relationships. It’s the glue that connects us to others.

It’s also the cause of most problems. From nations that can’t get along, to governments that can’t connect, to businesses that can’t seem to function, and to a parent/adolescent relationship that’s ground to an impasse, communication is the culprit.

Training in communication skills won’t help. Theories from Mehrabian to Argyris propose models and tools, but without a common language, they are powerless to help.

We’ve found in our research that nothing functions until people can agree on a common language. In our case, it’s the language that describes what individuals feel, desire, and need. If you can figure out how to properly describe what’s wrong with you, and the person you’re communicating with understands that language, you’ll have a much better chance of getting what you need, when you need it.

This book describes that common language through three models and a host of examples from our real-world clients and audiences. It’s designed to equip you with that language and tips to help you use it. If you do, we guarantee you’ll have more productive relationships, better conversations with your boss, and improved personal and professional development.

Learn and then communicate with the common language. It’s the key to your total career success!

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