The Big Book of Leadership


Munro-3DIt’s one of the hardest words to define. Some use it as a title, others as behavior. It’s a noun and a verb, a cause and an effect. Some see Leadership as the princess compared to its ugly step-sister Management. Everyone seems to want it but most agree it’s in short supply. We want it from our boss but get edicts. We expect it from our government but get dysfunction. We try to provide it but get pushback instead.

Does it even exist?


As a group of leadership scholars and practitioners, we not only believe it exists, but can be learned as well. This book contains what we believe are the most important leadership lessons you need to know.

In this compilation of essays you’ll learn:

  • How to get results through people
  • The importance of honor
  • Characteristics that define a leader
  • The power of timeliness
  • 20 strategies for success
  • The roots and legacy of leaders today
  • The importance of teaming with your HR Department
  • The power of self-leadership

Leadership development is a journey. Use this book as your roadmap to get the most out of your people and develop the knowledge and skills to be an awesome leader!

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