The New Rules of Engagement

NRoE_3-DThe New Rules of Engagement: How to Keep Your Superstars Loyal to You

What makes a superstar employee?

They don’t whine

They don’t fuss

They never say “it’s not my job”

They’re hard to find so if you have one, you’d better figure out ways to keep them!

Fact: Economic hardship is cyclical. Recessions will come and go (and come and go).

Fact: After each economic downturn there comes a mass exodus of overworked and under-appreciated superstars.

Fact: Your organization won’t survive a recession without the hard work of your superstars.

Fact: If you don’t take time to build your superstars, they won’t stick around.

The Good News? You’ll keep your superstars if you take steps now to engage them.

Fact: This book will show you how to create a culture of engagement. It’s your only shot at retaining your superstars. Use my proven techniques to build engagement in your organization and you’ll be sure to keep the winners playing for your team!

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